50 Places To Visit In Mumbai you should know about these places

If you live in Mumbai or want to come to Mumbai you should know about these 51 tourist places to visit in Mumbai. Mumbai has many tourist attractions but this 43 attraction we are going to know about. First I’m going to tell you about free places to visit In Mumbai

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Places To Visit In Mumbai For Seek Blessings, Attractive seaside And Sunset

1.Haji Ali Dargah Shareef

if you want to come to Mumbai Haji Ali Dargah Shareef Should be your first place to visit in Mumbai. 

Pir haji Ali Shah Bukhari came From Uzbekistan to India. 

Haji Ali Dargah Sharif is one of the holiest places of Sufi Muslims.

People of every religion come here for the blessing.

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haji Ali dargah sharif built right in the middle of the Arabian Sea

Insider Tips: Mumbai has been always a fascination for all. While you’re in Mumbai and visiting Haji Ali you may see the Dargah Complex.

Lure your flavor buds with some Kebabs, Mughlai Biryani, Hyderabadi fast food. Also, witness the stunning sunset from Haji Ali Dargah.

Location: Dargah Rd, Haji Ali, Mumbai, Maharashtra
opening time:6 am to 10 Pm
No Entry fees 

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2.Gateway of India

Gateway of India .Places to Visit in Mumbai
Gateway Of India |# places to visit in mumbai With Family

For remember the visit of King George v And Queen merry It was built as a triumphal arch 

For enjoy the beauty of this iconic monument you don’t need to spend a penny which is often called the taj mahal of Mumbai

One of the most distinguishing landmarks that express the city, the Gateway of India came into existence inside the year 1924 for the duration of the British Raj to celebrate the coming of King George V and Queen Mary to Bombay. The shape marks the place as one among India’s leading ports which officially symbolized factors of British grandeur. Located inside the waterfront place of Apollo Bunder, today it is one among the most popular vacationer places in Mumbai for humans from all over the globe who flock only for a look at this monument.

The Gateway of India is a landmark that denotes India’s important ports and is a noteworthy holiday vacation spot for guests who contact base in India surprisingly. At a sure point in time, this landmark spoke to the greatness of the British Raj in India. A maximum cherished spot for visitors, those days, and this landmark pulls in vendors, food stalls and additionally the images buffs. The passing of the First Battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry; was recorded as the primary headliner that occurred at the Gateway of India.


layout plan of the Gateway of India is created from a considerable curve, with a tallness of 26m. The landmark is labored in yellow basalt and insoluble cement. The basic association of Gateway of India is outlined within the Indo-Saracenic style.

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 Highlights: One can additionally discover hints of Muslim constructing patterns joined within the structure of the pretentious construction. The focal arch of the landmark is around forty-eight (48)feet within the distance across, with an aggregate stature of 83 feet. Planned with multifaceted latticework, the four turrets are the noticeable components of the complete structure of the Gateway of India.

Location: Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
Timing; any time
No entry fee

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3.Marine Drive

Marine Drive | # Best Places to Visit In Mumbai
Marine Drive | # Best Places to Visit In Mumbai

Marine drive One Of the Famous Places To Visit In Mumbai

Walk hand in hand with your lover along the walkway at Marine Drive 

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seeing the sunset colors reflecting on the vast Arabian Sea

holding hands of your lover along the walkway at Marine Drive

It is an ideal place to relax and spend a beautiful evening. Also, a popular place to visit at night

satisfy your hunger with some tasty street food Don’t forget about it

More About Marine Drive:
Popularly known as the Queen’s Necklace, Marine Drive is a four km lengthy promenade positioned in South Bombay. One of the most stunning roads in Mumbai, a birds-eye view of this stretch looks amazing at night with the lighting fixtures making the entirety resemble a queen’s necklace. This beautiful location in Mumbai comes alive in the evenings when human beings loosen up and recognize the wonderful view on the promenade overlooking the Arabian Sea that is highly healing to the soul. Chai-wallas, chat-wallas are delivered bonuses to the place making it any other must-go-to vacationer location in addition to an important part of the Mumbai nightlife.

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Highlights: Witness the shining waters of the Arabian Sea and the mind-blowing frosty breeze stroking your hair alongside a protracted cluster of eating places offering delicious snacks and liquids will, in reality, make your night special. For the elderly one can go to Nana-Nani Park which is one of the famous Mumbai travelers sights those days. The 3 km long Marine Drive is a feature cove and frames a chunk of the famous horizon of Mumbai. It techniques a portion of the major corporate focuses, diversion sporting activities and places of excitement.

Insider Tips: Marine drive is also considered one of the excellent places to explore in Mumbai. This area is known as a guiding light for artists, musicians, and poets who come here. Spend some time together with your buddies whilst drinking a cup of tea and looking at the cool sea.

address: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road, Chowpatty, Mumbai
Opening time: every day
No Entry fee

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4. Juhu Beach

Best Places To Visit In MumbaiJuhu Beach
Juhu Beach | # Best Places to Visit In Mumbai With Family

Juhu beach is one of the popular tourist places to Visit in Mumbai throughout the year. 

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it is also a sought after destination for shooting films.

Juhu beach is the most visited beaches when compared to all other beaches in India. 

After tasting the food from the stalls here you will fall in love with Juhu Beach.

More About Juhu beach:

Juhu can be described as certainly one of the largest and most sought after beaches in India. It is a hot-spot for elite celebrity homes and movie personality sightings positioned in the suburbs of the city making it one in every of the maximum eminent tourist places to visit in Mumbai. Visitors everywhere in us of love the seaside for it’s also a gastronomic paradise hosting stalls that serve up platters of lip-smacking street food. The sandy satisfaction is most crowded for the duration of weekends where humans can get entertained through horse and donkey rides, dancing monkeys, toy sellers and other sorts of amusement.

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Sightseers go to this coastline because of its serene climate and its grand excellence. Juhu Beach is additionally widely recognized for its nearby indulgences and avenue nourishment. The sustenance slows down to installation right here offer extraordinary cooking patterns and nibbles things. Individuals in Mumbai visit this coastline to unwind and admire the dreary day. This is certainly one of the maximum well-known Mumbai visitor places.

Prominent ocean bottom claims to fame are served at these quality eateries sited close to Juhu Beach. Here, one can visit bars and discotheques that are the adolescent joints of the zone. The ‘Gandhi Gram’ is situated at the north end of the shoreline, which is a place where youngsters regularly make the most of their late spring excursions playing sports like b-ball, cricket, and football.


Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai
opening time: Every day
Entry fee: No entry fee

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5. Worli sea face

worli sea face | places to visit
Worli Sea Face | # Places To Visit In Mumbai With Firends

Worli sea face undoubtedly One of the favorite tourist places To Visit in Mumbai for hangout.

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sit along the sealine with your friend 

feel splashing water on your face after kicking the rocks below

make your evening more interesting and enchanting.

Worli sea face is a must-go between the couples in Mumbai.

beautiful view of the sea in the background at late night hours

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morning: walk its busy 

afternoon: Love Couple who roam around 

evening: relaxed walking to take the Stress out of the Head

More about Worli sea link:

A popular hangout located south of the attractive Sea link from Bandra, Worli Seaface is another certainly one of Bombay’s promenades. It is one of the top places within the town for one to enjoy the epic monsoons that provide an excellent view of the irritated waves rising onto the road. The spectacular view of the Bandra Worli Sea Link is another lovely location in Mumbai that must not be missed. The place is commonly known as the Rajiv Gandhi Sagar Setu is found on Worli Sea Face. Sea Link interfaces the island of Worli to Bandra over the Arabian Sea. This location is an outright shocker at the off chance which you are trying to find the locations to view and is a well-known location to go to in Mumbai for couples

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Highlights: One of the busiest out of all the Mumbai vacationer sights is the promenade on the Seaface.sea link is perfect for Morning or Evening walks. Amid a tempest, the waves will surge into the terrain making an interesting environment that makes hundreds of people go to this location even throughout bad weather.

Address: Worli Mumbai, Maharashtra 400030 
opening time every day
no entry fee 

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6.Bandra bandstand

Bandra bandstand | # Places To Visit In Mumbai
Bandra bandstand | # Places To Visit In Mumbai

Bandra bandstand is also known as lover’s point 

bandstand is a beautiful place to enjoy and relax with your friends and loved ones after a restless day

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bandstand built in the form of an amphitheater on a hill facing the ocean

at bandstand couples normally meets in comfort and have a good time.

Tourists frequently come here to roam

people of all ages sit here to see extremely amazing sea-facing location 

More About Bandstand:
 Also called the Bandra Promenade, that is a spot-on hangout area while you revel in the enchanting view of the waves gushing at the seashore. A scintillating skyline on the spellbinding seashore, you can not decide whether the region looks better in the daytime or at night time.

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Address: Bandstand Road, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050, India
Opening Time: every day 
No entry fee

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7.Castella de Aguada

Castella de Aguada | # Places To visit In mumbai with Friends
Castella de Aguada | # Places To visit In mumbai with Friends

Castella de Aguada is commonly known as Bandra Fort built by Portuguese in the 17th century to work as a watchtower

To Stop The Fortress From being used Against the Britishers (angrezon) through Marathas, They Destroy a part of this fort

Although the Bandra fort is in a crumbly situation still it is a beautiful spot with a picturesque view. Without Any carvings or embellishments, it is a wide clean and stoic.you can sea Bandra Worli sea link from Bandra fort. 

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this fort is good places to visit in Mumbai in the morning And afternoon walk.in the evening this fort is not recommended.

Located within the posh community of Bandra Reclamation, Bandra Fort – at the beginning christened Castella de Aguada – became built via the Portuguese to guard the colonial agreement at Mumbai earlier than the British era. Now thronged through college students and younger couples, the fort is maintained by using the Archaeology Department, and the sweeping curve of the Worli Sea Link bridge may be viewed from the battlements. Highlights inside consist of a lawn and a stone inscribed in Portuguese at the main entrance.

location: Bandra Mumbai city
Opening time: Open on all days
time to visit:10:00 AM – 08:00 PM
No Entry Fee

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8.Water Sports At Mandwa Beach

Mandwa Beach | # Best Places To Visit In Mumbai With Friends
Mandwa Beach | # Best Places To Visit In Mumbai With Friends

Mandwa Beach is placed close to the popular metropolis of Alibag in Raigad district of Maharashtra.

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 Mandwa Beach is located in Mandwa village which is well related to Mumbai by using ferry services operating directly between Mumbai and Mandwa. 

Many traffic goes to Mandwa Beach to understand the rich records of the vicinity and experience herbal beauty.

The beach is loose from pollutants and is very far from the hustle and bustle of metropolis life. Mandwa Beach is pretty famous in Bollywood films as it has been picturized in Agneepath (1990) and its remake in 2012.

One can experience the nice sunrise and sunsets at the Mandwa beach. 

The smooth weather and the lovely and tall coconut trees make Mandwa seashore an excellent spot for a mini-vacation.

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 For folks who are seeking out a few adventurous water-sports within the cleanest waters, Mandwa is the precise spot for adventure seekers because it has water rides like kayaking, banana ride, water scooters, jet skis, etc.

Located around 12 km from Alibaug, Mandwa seaside is known for its distinct attraction and its comfortable surroundings and can be reached via taxi And Buses 

Distance (From Alibaug Bus Stand): 19 Kms
no entry fees
separate charges for banana rides, water scooters, jet skis, etc,
If You Want To Know More Details About Water Sports At Mandwa Beach

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9.Carter road

carter Road |  # places To visit In Mumbai With Friends
carter Road | # places To visit In Mumbai With Friends

carter road is a well-known hangout spot alongside bandstand promenade.

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Enjoy romantic sunset 

drinking roadside coffee 

make your evening superb with your friends and loved ones in Mumbai

carter road is a jogging track, a park, and additionally a Lover’s Point

 Carter Road has a culinary line full of cafes and beautiful restaurants

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More About Carter Road:

Carter Road is a widely recognized hangout spot alongside Bandstand Promenade, a running track, a park, and Also a Lover’s Point. Carter Road attracts a whole lot of couples and singles because it has a culinary line full of fashionable eating places and cafes. Enjoy the romantic sunset and roadside coffee at Carter Road along with the weather, which is best to make your evening romantic with your female friend in Mumbai, or a relaxed afternoon making it one in every of the outstanding locations to go to in Mumbai with buddies as well.

Address: Carter Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai
Opening time: every day 
No entry fees

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10.versova beach

Versova Beach | # Places To Visit In Mumbai
Versova Beach | # Places To Visit In Mumbai

It is said that nothing may be a better solace than the magnificent seaside in Mumbai.

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Facing the Arabian Sea and creating a super moment for the seashore fans this seaside is attracting numerous travelers around the world.

The population dwelling on this beach known as the Kolis particularly earns their livelihood through fishing.

Fishing is the principal commercial enterprise round there.

Unlike Marine where you could see tetrapods, Versova seaside is visible filled with big rocks to buffer the buildings from the waves.

More About Versova Beach:
Amid high tide, the whole coastline goes submerged and so one can not see any permanent structure on the beach. Over the beyond couple of years, there had been some moves taken by the residents and the BMC to decorate the state of the shoreline. The Save Versova Beach Association becomes shaped for this motive but the shoreline lacks few centers like lifeguards, which are basic considering the waters. Head out to this vicinity in case you are making plans to visit the main Mumbai vacationer places.

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Highlights: There is another section of the beach referred to as the Rock Beach that’s headed through human beings of all age groups.

The seaside is known for its mesmerizing sunset and additionally an extraordinary hazard for the images buffs who love to click some excellent pictures.

The beach is very clean that’s why a lot of humans like to spend their entertainment time here, of late, the UNEP drove a program to clean plastic litter, and more than 43 weeks expelled greater than 2 million kilograms. Distance from Mumbai Airport: The Versova seashore is positioned at a distance of 7 km from Mumbai Airport.

if you Want to know more about things to do in Versova read this article

address: Bharat Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400047, India
Opening Time: every day
No entry fee

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11. Aksa beach

Aksa beach | # Places To Visit In Mumbai
Aksa beach | # Places To Visit In Mumbai

Aksa beach is one of the famous tourist places to visit in Mumbai for beaches.

located close to malvani 

popular for weekend destination 

Aksa beach is known for its beautiful sunset.

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Swimming is not allowed 

Insider Tips: Another favorite beach in Mumbai is that the Aksa Beach. This beach is understood for its magnificent sunset. because the beach is a smaller amount crowded one also can enjoy a memorable picnic in Mumbai alongside your loved ones. One also can see lots of street stalls here and check out the delicacies from here.

Adress: Aksa Village, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400095, India
Opening time: every day
No entry fee

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12. Gorai Beach

Gorai Beach | # places to Visit In Mumbai
Gorai Beach | # places to Visit In Mumbai

Gorai Beach is a hot favorite between travelers who want to spend a day away from the chaos and noise of the city.

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beautiful palm trees and an all-around clean atmosphere.

Located in the north Mumbai, 40 km from the main city

Highlights: While you are at the beach you can enjoy a few beach sports and also revel in horse rides and camel rides which are to be had here. One also can take a boat experience for around Rs 100 and experience the huge new ocean from a specific angle here.

insider Tips: While you are exploring Mumbai also go to the well-known Gorai Beach. Soak into the peacefulness as you’re taking a stroll through the beach. Gorai is very clear and the glowing water will sincerely sense you much higher as it touches your feet. There also are a few nearby eating places in which you can enjoy Delicious food

Address: Gorai RD, Maharashtra, 400092, 
Opening Time: Any time 
No entry fee

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13. Girgaum Chowpatty

Girgaum Chowpatty |  # Places To Visit In Mumbai
Girgaum Chowpatty | # Places To Visit In Mumbai

Girgaum Chowpatty is a small sandy seashore and a good location to chill, on the north quit of Marine Drive, a must-go place for tourists traveling Marine Drive for the 1st time. Conveniently placed next to Charni Road railway station, 

 Girgaum Chowpatty crowded all through night hours and weekends and hosts street food stalls serving neighborhood delicacies. There are cafes/dine-in alternatives to be had across the street as well.

if You Want to know about you should read this 

Adress: Girgaum Chowpatty Mumbai, Maharashtra
Opening Time: any Time
No entry fee

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14.Powai Lake

Powai Lake | places to visit in mumbai
Powai Lake | places to visit in mumbai

Powai Lake is a manmade wonder. The vicinity is situated now not too far from the IIT in Mumbai and is truly a hen watcher’s paradise. It may be a little a long way away from maximum different typical visitor attractions but is honestly really worth the effort specifically for nature lovers.

The one-of-a-kind creatures visible right here are spot-charged duck, little blue kingfisher, white-throated kingfisher, spotted bird, brahmin kite, purple-rumped sunbirds, white carmelized bulbuls, peregrine fowl of prey, woolly-necked stork and severa specific types of creatures.

Watching the sundown right here is positive to be a memorable revel in. Powai Lake has through the years attracted plenty of residential complexes around it. It is pretty a big deal to be living around this vicinity as it’s far taken into consideration to be considered one of the maximum paush areas of the city.

All in all, if you need to experience a peaceful environment and like to gaze deep into the waters, but sea-faces are too crowded for you then Powai Lake is a beautiful choice to be at.

Address: Powai, Mumbai, 400076, Maharashtra
Opening Time: always open
No Entry Fees

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Places to Visit In Mumbai For seeing amazing Architecture

15.Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST)

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus | Places to Visit In Mumbai
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus | Places to Visit In Mumbai

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, in the past known as Victoria Terminus Station.

during the British colonial period, it was built in the year 1888

guess what, the beautiful Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is the most photographed building in India after the Taj Mahal!

treat yourself and your dear ones to some lip-smacking food after once you have done with sightseeing,

More About Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus :

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CST is the UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a historical railway station and headquarters to the Central Railways. Built-in May 1888, 

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is famous for its wonderful architecture. CST is Mumbai’s point of interest amongst youth.

Highlights: The site is an exceptional illustration of Victorian Gothic Revival architecture within the country. It is operated by using the Central Railway Zone of India having 18 Railway Platforms in total.

address: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Area, Mumbai 
opening time: every day 
No entry fees

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16. Flora Fountain

Flora Fountain | # Places To Visit In Mumbai
Flora Fountain | # Places To Visit In Mumbai

Name of This Fountain comes from the name of the Roman Goddess of Flowers

Flora Fountain also Known as ‘Hutatma Chowk’

This Place declared as one of India’s Heritage structures.

It Was Built-in 1864 this is India’s prestigious fountain, located in the town of Mumbai.

The Flora Fountain changed into constructed by means of the Agri-Horticultural Society of Western India. 

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 This area is also a chief hub for industrial activities. Many institutes, inclusive of the well-known Bombay University, Bombay Stock Exchange and Gateway of India border the Flora fountain, similar to other thrilling tourist places To visit In Mumbai.

Apart from sight-seeing, one also can spend time searching for local delights in this place. 

 The fountain is illumined at night and offers the most incredible view to tourists.

Address: Veer Nariman Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001,
Opening Time:8 AM To 12 PM
No Entry Fee

17. Rajabai Clock Tower

Rajabai Clock Tower | # Places to visit In mumbai
Rajabai Clock Tower | # Places to visit In mumbai

Rajabai Clock Tower Is Famous Tourist Place To Visit In Mumbai For see clock tower located In south Mumbai.

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Rajabai Clock Tower Stands in university fort campus situated next to the High Court.

The rajabai tower is, surely, an example of exquisite beauty. 

Now, The Rajabai Tower has Become One Of significant Tourist Attraction In Mumbai.

Gilbert Scott Built this tower-like London’s big ben

More About Rajabai Tower:
It became on March 1, 1869, the first step toward the construction of the Rajabai tower was taken; the muse stone became laid on this day. The model became based in Sir Gilbert Scott, who changed into an English architect. Premchand Roychand, an affluent dealer who based the Bombay Stock Exchange, agreed to fund the construction of the tower. After the monument became built, the total price changed into expected to be Rs.2 lakh, which become a massive quantity in those days.

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Rajabai tower owes its call to Premchand’s mother, who was a blind woman. As Premchand’s circle of relatives changed into a strict follower of Jainism, his mother took her dinner earlier than evening and the nighttime bell of the tower assisted her in determining the time without anyone’s help. She would then take the dinner herself. Premchand becomes the only contributor for the construction of the tower and consequently wanted it to be named after his mom Rajabai.

Address: Next to High Court, Fort Campus, Mumbai, 400001,
Opening Time:9 Am To 10.45 Pm
No Entry Fee

18. Antilia

Antilia | # places to Visit In Mumbai
Antilia | # places to Visit In Mumbai

Antilia is situated inside the world’s most highly-priced Altamount Road in Mumbai. Mukesh Ambani Is the owner of this. The building has 27 floors, replete with extra-high ceilings. Every floor is that the identical top of a mean two-storeyed building. The architectural design of Antilia has been fashioned along the strains of the lotus and consequently the sun. the very best six flooring of the construction had been set apart due to the fact the personal full-ground residential district. The Mukesh Ambani domestic comes with a mega-temple, a number of vacationer suites, a salon, an ice-cream parlor, and a personal film theatre to accommodate 50 people. Antilia has six devoted floorings for vehicles having the area to have an effect on 168 automobiles. The constructing capabilities a devoted vehicle issuer station on the seventh ground

Address: Altamont road
Opening time: always you can see
you cant go inside this place to visit in Mumbai you can only see

19. Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves | # Places to Visit In Mumbai
Elephanta Caves | # Places to Visit In Mumbai

Elephanta Caves In One Of The Most Popular Tourist Places to visit In Mumbai.

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Take a tour to this UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mumbai and get wonderstruck with the aid of the massive rock-reduce caves that date again to several centuries. 

The five Hindu and two Buddhist caves are collectively called the Elephanta Caves

To attain this place, you need to take a one-hour ferry ride from the Gateway of India, at some point in which you can also experience the scenic beauty of Mumbai. 

Those who lack the spirit of a trekker can hop on the toy educate so that it will take you on a tour of the caves proper from the entrance point.

 The eating place and canteen run through MTDC can take care of your starvation pangs.

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Adress:Gharapuri, Mumbai

Opening Time:9 Am to 5 Pm closed on Monday

 Entry Fees: citizens of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka –Rs 10 per Person

Other Foreign countries –Rs 250 Per Person

separate Charge involved for videography, Ferry Ride, And Toy Train

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20. Mahuli Fort Trek

Mahuli Fort Trek | # Places to Visit In Mumbai
Mahuli Fort Trek | # Places to Visit In Mumbai

It is one of the famous Tourist Places To Visit In Mumbai for rock-climbers.

close to Mumbai a good one day trek Mahuli is at 2815ft above sea level. It is the highest factor in Thane district. A famous trekking preference and a paradise for rock-climbers because of its pinnacles. This mountain complicated is sincerely a set of or more hills with common cols and pinnacles. The woodland surrounding Mahuli has been declared as a sanctuary. The castle has been declared as a covered monument with the aid of the Archaeology Survey of India. The big Mahuli hill can be seen properly in the front with the 3 connecting forts on its top. The leftmost fort is Mahuli- Chenderi/Bhandargad. The critical one is Mahuli and the leftmost is chota Mahuli. Between the Bhandargad and Mahuli are the well-known pinnacles Navra, Narvi and Karavli. One Day Trek to Mahuli can be achieved if the plan is to go till chota Mahuli. However, masking the complete hill consisting of the pinnacles will require you to spend a night in the caves. The caves can accommodate approx 12 persons. A trek on the plateau for forty-five minutes from chota Mahuli. Then mountain climbing a patch of 20 toes approx, handiest to climb every other iron ladder. Then trek for 25 mins (one way) gets you to clear incredible view of the three pinnacles.

Want To Know More About Mahuli Fort Read this Wikipedia’s article

Adress: Asangaon, Maharashtra, India
Opening Time: It is open most days, except during heavy rainfalls.
Entry fee: Government has now started to collect ₨ 20 per individual for maintenance

Tourist Places To Visit In Mumbai If You Love Animals

21. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park | # Places to visit in mumbai
Sanjay Gandhi National Park | # Places to visit in mumbai

Sprawling over an area of 104 sq. Km. Of land, 

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that is one of the most-visited countrywide parks in Asia and because of this, Sanjay Gandhi Park Is one of Most Famous  Tourist Places To Visit In Mumbai for Animal Lovers.

Famed to be one the maximum appreciated countrywide parks, traffic throng in hundreds to identify Leopards, Macaques, Bears, Lions, Flying fox, Kingfisher, Sunbirds and a significant range of butterflies here. 

Greater Than Thousand Years Old Kanherio Caves is Also A Major Tourist Attraction inside the park premises

The caves were formed out of the rocky cliffs.

With all sorts of fun activities,

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 this park can genuinely be your family entertainer. 

You can watch the large cats of the park close enough in a safari cage and have a fun day boating within the artificial lake in the park.

his Park is very good for picnics and weekend getaways to break from the chaos and noise of the city. 

Address: Western Express Hwy, Borivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400066

Opening Time: National Park 7.30 Am To 6.30 Pm 
kanheri caves: 9.30 Am to 5.30 Pm
Entry fee :
adult Rs 64 
Kids Rs 34

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22. Taraporewala Aquarium

Taraporewala Aquarium | # places to Visit In Mumbai
Taraporewala Aquarium | # places to Visit In Mumbai

Touted as India’s oldest aquarium, this vicinity houses lots of marine and freshwater fishes including coral fishes from the Lakshadweep Islands. 

Taraporewala Aquarium

 several species of fish here, such as butterflyfish, damselfish, sea cucumber, moss, sea urchins, tiger fish, angelfish, marine eels, tangs, batfish, tube worms, tangs, pufferfish, orandas, etc that make this aquarium a highly numerous collection of marine life. There are a total of thirty-two tropical tanks within the building.

It additionally has an Oceanarium that gives you the texture of on foot underneath the ocean with unique fishes floating above you. 

Well, there is more. Your youngsters can touch a number of aquatic fishes and animals without harming them at the Touch Pool. You can also experience a whale of a time at the fish spa at the side of your little ones. 

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This aquarium is an ideal combination of training and entertainment, making it one of the ideal Tourist Places to visit In Mumbai to visit with kids.

Address: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road, Marine Drive, Mumbai

Opening Time:10Am to 8 pm Closed On Monday 

Entrance fee:

Children below 12 years Rs.30 Per Person

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For Adult Rs.60 Per Person 
Government Employees Rs.30 Per Person  
Separate charges for Video And Photography

23.Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Zoo

Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Zoo | # places to visit in mumbai
Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Zoo | # places to visit in mumbai

when I Was Kid This place was my One Of The Most Visited  Tourist Places to visit In Mumbai  With My Family 

Jijamata Udyan formerly referred to as Rani Baug after the original call Victoria Gardens And commonly known as Byculla Zoo

Jijamata Udyan is the oldest public park in Mumbai.

Kids love zoos, period! While you are in Mumbai, 

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you could have a terrific time out with your Small Child at Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Zoo 

that homes many wild animals like elephants, lion, tiger, monkeys, crocodiles, etc. The aviary consists of a few colorful birds and some rare ones like albino crows and flamingos. Sprawling over an area of 48 acres, one of the distinguished points of interest of the zoo is its penguin enclosure, which is kept in the perfect surroundings and temperature.

Address: Byculla East, Near Byculla Railway Station, Mumbai 400027
Opening Time: 9.30 Am To 5.30 Pm Closed On Wednesday
Entry fees: Rs 100 for a family of four(mother-father Two-Child) and Rs 25 Will Charge For Each Extra Child 
Rs 100 For Couple 
 Rs 15Students (private Student)

Places To Visit In Mumbai With Family and Kids


Kidzania | # Tourist Places to Visit in mumbai
Kidzania | # Tourist Places to Visit in mumbai

kidzania is a very famous tourist place to visit in Mumbai in between kids.

Kidzania is an indoor entertainment park made exclusively for children with a unique idea of role-gambling in a real city-like environment. 

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Here, kids are required to carry out a ‘job’ as part of their role-gambling.

 After a successful final touch of the job, they receive a commission in the form of kidzo money as an encouragement.

 You can see them brimming with pleasure as they make their very own cash for the first job in their life.

 Parents can relax at the lounge, from in which they can reveal their kids on the TV screen. 

With such interactive edutainment activities, Kidzania needs to be your perfect vacation spot for a fun-crammed day with your tiny tots.

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Address: R City Mall Ghatkopar West Mumbai
Opening Time
Tuesday To Friday;10. am To 8 PM 
Saturday, Sunday And Public Holidays;10 Am To 3 Pm And 4 pm to 9 Pm 
Closed On Monday 
Entry fees :
they have different packages for kids ranging from Rs 300 To Rs 1500 Click Here To see Kidzania’s entry fees

25. Nehru Science center

Nehru Science center | # palces to visit in mumbai
Nehru Science center | # palces to visit in mumbai

Nehru Science Centre covers various elements of technological know-how and technology that is both thrilling and informative. 

It is an ideal location to take your kids to. 

A part of the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), this center has extra than 500 interactive exhibits that are associated with numerous topics, consisting of sound, energy, mechanics, and kinetics.

 To be precise it’s miles a technology park and gallery where you can see different components of science. 

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A foremost highlight of Nehru Science Centre is the three-dimensional technological know-how show that is named ‘Monsters of the Deep’. It takes humans into an underwater world that seems real and wherein they are able to witness mythical monsters.

A science odyssey named ‘Grand Canyon Adventure’ is likewise organized at this center. This 45-minute film is based on the famous Grand Canyons of Arizona and attempts at spreading recognition approximately saving freshwater assets of the international.

Read This To Know More about Nehru Science Center

Address: Dr. E Moses Marg, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018
Opening Time:10 Am To 6 Pm
Entry fees Separate for everyone Click here to see which is For You

26. Nehru Planetarium

Nehru Planetarium | # tourist  places to visit in mumbai
Nehru Planetarium | # tourist places to visit in mumbai

Nehru Planetarium is Entertainment And Learning Center Featuring Shows on Space in Stargazing Events And Domed Theatre.

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Nehru Planetarium Is one Of the Best Places to Visit In Mumbai With Kids For Increasing Their Knowledge 

Key Attractions of Nehru Planetarium:

Planetarium Shows

Planetarium Projectors

Public Lectures

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Events and Contests

Experience the Cosmic World

More About This Place:

Inaugurated on third March 1977 by means of Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, the Nehru Planetarium is part of the Nehru Centre in Mumbai. The Centre pragmatically promotes the coaching and thoughts of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru via its cultural and educational events. The Planetarium strives to infuse and unfold the knowledge about Astronomy and Science thru prodigious lectures, discussions, and events, making sure an enriching experience, each in mastering and entertainment.

If area and technology intrigue you, Nehru Planetarium is an area to visit all through your stay in Mumbai, and of course, it’s far a first-rate area to take your kids along!

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If You Want to Know About Nehru Planetarium Read This 

Address: of Nehru Planetarium: Nehru Centre Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai 400018
Opening Time:11:00 AM – 5:00 PM Sunday Closed
Science Odyssey: 11 AM, 1 PM, 2.30 PM, and 4.30 PM.
3-D Science Show: Every half an hour
Science Show: 12 PM, 2 PM, and 4 PM
Entry Fees Rs 60 For Adults And 40 For Kids 

27. Prince Wales Museum

Prince Wales Museum | places to visit in mumbai
Prince Wales Museum | # places to visit in mumbai

Prince Wales Museum is one of the perfect places to visit in Mumbai if you loved to visit the museums.

Prince wales museum is also known As Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu sangrahalaya

it is beautiful structure Located In Mumbai And also Is Considered to be one of the Heritage building of the city

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Innumerable types of art and artifacts hailing from India, Tibet, Nepal and different a long way jap nations are preserved in this museum. The museum also houses a group of 2000 uncommon miniature paintings from numerous noteworthy artwork colleges in India. Ancient Indian artwork and sculptures are exhibited in the museum’s sculpture gallery. One can also discover decorative artworks crafted from wood, metal, jade, and ivory many of the museum collections. There also are rare archeological artifacts that date again to the ‘Indus Valley’ civilization inside the 2000 B.C. Remnants from the ‘Maurya’ as well as ‘Gupta’ periods are superbly displayed within the museum. The ‘Natural History’ phase of the museum consists of a collection of reptiles, mammals, amphibians, birds, and fishes. There is another segment that shows Indian palms and armor that displays an array of weapons, swords, shields in addition to different projectiles. The museum has a segment constructed from European oil artwork.

Address: M.G Road, Fort, Mumbai
Opening Time:10.15 Am To 5 PM
entry fees: Rs 30

28. National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai 

National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai | # places to visit in mumbai
National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai | # places to visit in mumbai`

this a perfect place to visit in Mumbai for art Lovers.NGMA protect modern art for at least 150 years till now.

NGMA was Old Building, In 1996 it was turned in to a gallery.

NGMA Has Been a prolific Space for Older And Present Modern Artworks by Indian artist 

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Formerly known as Sir Cowasji Jehangir Public Hall, the NGMA is Mumbai’s window into the arena of current artwork. It systematically reinvents itself in response to the need of the day. In the 1950s, this hall becomes the city’s top venue for concerts, political conferences and the occasional artwork event. Just across the street from the later landmark for Indian artwork, the Jehangir Art Gallery, it reopened in 1996 as a venue for exposition by artists and sculptors from Tagore to Hussain and even includes avant-garde performance artwork in its repertoire.

Opening Time :
Tuesday to Friday:11 Am to 6 Pm Pm 
closed on national holidays and Monday 
Saturday And Sunday:11 Am to 
entry fees:
Indian: Rs: 20
Foreign Visitors: Rs: 500
Student / Child till class 12th (with ID Card) entry free.

29. The Asiatic Society of Mumbai

The Asiatic Society | #places to visit in mumbai
The Asiatic Society | # places to visit in mumbai

For increasing Your Knowledge this is the perfect place to visit In Mumbai 

The Asiatic Society of Mumbai Built in the year 1804,

The Asiatic Society promoting useful Knowledge particularly such as is now Connected with India 

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Thereafter, on numerous times, Some more Aim And objective added Such As Encouraging research Studies In The Philosophy, Language, Social Science, Natural And Arts with India And Asia, maintaining museum And library, Publishing journals, establishing Centers And institute which achieve Fulfill Objective And Aims Of the society.

Public Interface: for debate And discussions on topics of public Interest they provide a forum

research: supporting Generating And Disseminating research in its 

preferred Feilds

Holding: Preserving, conserving, cataloging and documenting holdings.

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Location: Town Hall, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai,400023
Opening Time:10 Am To 6.30 Pm Closed On Sunday 
Hall Entry Fees: RS 60 per person for Reader member

30. Jahangir art

Jahangir art | # places to visit in Mumbai
Jahangir art | # places to visit in Mumbai

Jahangir gallery one of the venues of the famed Kala Ghoda festivals, Jehangir Art Gallery became founded via Sir Cowasji Jehangir in 1952Jahangir gallery is located at Kala Ghoda, behind the Prince of Wales Museum, Close To The Gateway Of India In South Mumbai.and has 4 exhibition halls. Over the years, this region has developed as the center of artwork activity inside the city and an area where artists, buyers, and artwork fans can meet and proportion their passion for artwork. The gallery is recognized nationally and the world over as a center of current Indian artwork. This exciting gallery hosts shows through local artists and the occasional huge names and is also domestic to Samovar Café.

Address:161B, Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001.
opening time:11am–7 pm
No entry fee.

31. Mani Bhavan Gandhi museum 

Mani Bhavan Gandhi museum  | # places to visit in mumbai
Mani Bhavan Gandhi museum | # places to visit in mumbai

visitors from all across the world come here, to see the Room that Gandhiji occupied, its Picture Gallery, the Library Hall and the Terrace where he was arrested on January 4, 1932.

Mani Bhavan is a simple old-style, storied construction on Laburnum Road, Mumbai. Whenever Gandhiji turned into in Mumbai within 1917 to 1934, he stayed here. It is now changed directly into a museum and research center

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Mumbai and its inhabitants have played a very outstanding component in India’s unique conflict for freedom. Gandhiji become rightly pleased with its patriotic and cosmopolitan citizens. Mani Bhavan is one of the few essential places hallowed using Gandhi Ji’s close association.

If You Want to know More About Mani Bhavan Read This 

Adress:19 Laburnum Road, Gamdevi Mumbai 400007, Maharashtra, India.
Opening Time of museum:9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on all days
Opening Time Of Library: open on all weekdays, from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm. The library closed on 2nd & 4th Saturdays and public holidays.
No Entry Fees

32. Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum

Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum | # places to visit in mumbai
Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum | # places to visit in mumbai

Earlier referred to as the Victoria and Albert Museum, 

Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum was constructed in 1872 and is one in every of Mumbai’s oldest museum.

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 One can locate a super quantity of archaeological findings, photographs, maps and relics which can be extremely uncommon and that relate to Mumbai’s wonderful history.

 The museum also displays over 4000 manuscripts and reference books alongside numerous clay models, costumes, superbly shaped silver, and copper. Bronze sculptures, weapons, ivories, fossils, and decorative steelware can also be observed in this rich museum.

Address: 91A Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Road Byculla, Mumbai 400027 
Opening Time: 10 Am To 6 Pm closed on Wednesday
Entry Fees For Indians:
Kids Rs 5
Adult Rs 10
For Foreigners:
kids Rs 50
Adult Rs 100

33. Smaaash 

Smaaash | # places to visit in mumbai
Smaaash | # places to visit in mumbai

Smaaash Mumbai is quite a famous video game and amusing destination for kids, households, and pals for a long time now. People blindly pick out a weekend outing or an afternoon wreck at Smaaash so happily due to the exhilaration filled activities provided here.

 Smaaash is located inside the heart of South Bombay at Kamala Mills around 1,20000 sq.Ft.

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A magnificent range of games, from multi-degree sky karting to interactive Virtual Reality video games, the entire lot at Smaaash Mumbai would honestly pull adventure seekers and game lovers in big numbers.

Never miss the famed Smaaash Cricket that is the most popular game here. Be excited to play in opposition to the likes of Wasim Akram, Brett Lee, and Malinga.

List of games You Can Choose at Smaaash

Sky karting,cockpit360, finger coaster, dodge ball, cricket, smart arcade, super keeper, twilight Bowling, trampoline park, walk the plank, X2 motor racing simulator,9D extreme interactive theater

Address: 3rd Floor, R City Mall, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai
Opening Time:11Am to 11 Pm
Fees: they have different packages click here to know more about the entry fee 

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Most visited tourist place in Mumbai by foreigners

33. Dharavi Slum

Dharavi Slum | # places to visit in Mumbai
Dharavi Slum | # places to visit in Mumbai

The biggest slum in Asia, Dharavi breaks all stereotypes of a slum and is some distance from being a habitat for the impoverished and underprivileged.

Contrary to popular notion, it’s far domestic to a number of the maximum industrious, stimulated and creative people, wherein the network leads wealthy lives in poverty.

Staying east of Mahim and Bandra, this “slum” contributes close to $500 million to 1 billion dollars thus largely contributing to Mumbai’s already-wealthy economy.

From tea and vegetable vendors, bakeshops, garment districts to NGOs, schools, Dharavi is the roof to everyone that’s what makes it any such memorable visit.

insider tips: Do choose a guide so that you can get the data and feature a fun-filled tour.

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Do carry your foodstuff And water bottles

Casual put on and Shoes are recommended.

To preserve eye at the overhead wiring.

Address: Dharavi Mumbai Maharashtra
opening Time: Always Open
No Entry fees

34. Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat

Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat | places to visit in mumbai
Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat | # places to visit in mumbai

Believe or not but this 140 years old Dhobhi Ghat (laundromat) is amongst one of the most popular tourist places to visit in Mumbai

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Travelers make certain that they go to Dhobi Ghat on their experience in Mumbai. 

it is Mumbai’s biggest human-powered washing machine, 

where each day hundreds of people beat the dirt out of dirty Mumbai garments and linen in 1026 open-air troughs. 

The best view is from the bridge across the railway tracks close to Mahalaxmi Railway station.

Address: Dr. E. Moses Road, Near Mahalakshmi Station, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400011, India
Time to visit:11:00 AM to 6:00 PM on all days of the week except Sunday
No Entry Fees If You Want Full Details About this Area You Should Hire A guide.which will charge you Rs 100 Or Rs 200 
 Read This Article If you want to know More Detail 

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Places to visit in Mumbai for Shopping

35. Colaba Causeway market

Colaba Causeway market | # best Places to Visit In Mumbai
Colaba Causeway market | # best Places to Visit In Mumbai

Are you looking for some good shopping place In Mumbai? Colaba causeway market is perfect for you

Colaba Causeway Market Is one of the most popular And best places to visit in Mumbai for shopping

Show Your Bargaining talent here 

Buy Amazing Stuff

Taste Sindhi European Parsi food 

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Also Known As Shahid Bharat Singh Road 

More About Colaba Causeway:

From Affordable road clothes to fashionable boutiques, this path, that homes previous structures from British rule, has it all.

Colaba Causeway, conjointly referred to as Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, is one among the most effective places in Mumbi for looking and could be a business road, and a remarkable route or land connect amongst Colaba and also the previous Woman’s Island within the town of Mumbai, India. whereas you’ll be able to walk around the trails and seek for clothes, shoes, totes, and even gems within the most up-to-date plans, you’ll be able to likewise venture into one among the boutiques and take a goose at beautiful decorations, garments, then forth.

With the Gateway adjacent and therefore the ocean holding your back, one can take each day faraway from work for Trinket Shopping and tacky Indian antiques, the entire mess of urban Indian style.

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Address: Colaba Causeway, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
Opening Time 10.AM to 10 PM
No entry fee

36. Linking Road 

Linking Road | # Best Places To visit In Mumbai
Linking Road | # Best Places To visit In Mumbai

Called the shoppers’ paradise, 

Linking Road is bang on whether or not you would like to urge the A-grade imitation of the large brands at pocket-friendly costs. Isn’t this your likelihood to fill your closet the Levi’s, Vera Moda and Blackberrys all over!

More About Linking Road:

 you’ll be able to conjointly skip the lip-smacking street food or attempt cafes because the place has many them to confuse you. conjointly to say the spas that cater to restful foot massage easing your muscles once the wearing looking expertise. little doubt you need to spare several hours of your Bombay go for holiday at this spectacular destination.

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Address: Main Market extends from, Near National College, Bandra To Khar Telephone Exchange. Khar, Mumbai 400052 India
Opening Time:9am To 8 PM
No entry fee 

37. Crawford Market

Crawford Market | # best places to visit in Mumbai
Crawford Market | # best places to visit in Mumbai

Crawford Market is another popular Place to visit in Mumbai. for Shopping

It is said to be one of the fine places to shop for family items. The market became the main wholesale marketplace until 1966. And become spread in 72000 sq. Yards. What catches the eyes the most here is this outstanding architecture of Norman and Flemish styles.

 It is an area for the ones who want to savor unique flavors as the marketplace is replete with an array of extraordinary fruits, vegetables, and rooster along with aromas of the sparkling cheese and self-made chocolate.

Address: Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai 400001 India
Opening Time 10 Am to 10 pm 
 No Entry Fees 

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38. Chor-Bazaar-Thieves-Market

Chor-Bazaar-Thieves-Market | # best places to visit in mumbai
Chor-Bazaar-Thieves-Market | # best places to visit in mumbai

One of the oldest markets in Mumbai, Chor Bazaar (Thieves’ Market) has a charming history that dates lower back to over one hundred fifty years. 

 You will commonly discover shopaholics thronging right here as the products can be bought here at throwaway prices. 

From antiques to Victorian furnishings and fashion to electronics, a wide array of products are available in this captivating market.

More About Chor bazaar:
Chor Bazaar is one of the most important markets and one among the well-known points of interest in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Also known as the most important flea market in the country, Chor Bazaar has a legend associated with it. People say if one loses anything within the city, they can purchase it back at this Bazaar. The sellers broadly speaking deal second-hand goods, but yes, there might be some items that have been stolen. It is a bustling market with stores and kiosks hooked up very near one another on slim lanes.

The Chor Bazaar in Mumbai is thought to be a 150-year-vintage souk in the city. Some say, lower back inside the time, at some point of the British rule, this market becomes called, ‘Shor Bazaar’ this means that a noisy marketplace because every day, the companies could position up their kiosks and get in touch without clients as loud as feasible to make sales. Another story states that Queen Victoria’s property was stolen and observed at the market once. Getting around Mumbai should require some quantity of patience and exploring the Chor Bazaar, plenty of attention and vigilance, however as soon as there, it’s miles a distinct international in itself. A shopper’s paradise, to be able to speak. This is the right location for the ones looking to buy groceries on a small price range and do now not care much approximately the place it became sold from. Chor Bazaar in Mumbai needs to be experienced as a minimum as soon as in a lifetime.

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Adress: Mutton Street, Near Bhendi Bazaar, South Mumbai 400003,
Opening Time: 11 Am To 7.30 Pm Close On Friday
No Entry Fees

Places to Visit In Mumbai for park And Garden Lovers

39. Kamla Nehru Park ( Shoe Park )

Kamla Nehru Park  ( Shoe Park ) | # best places to visit in india
Kamla Nehru Park ( Shoe Park ) | # best places to visit in india

this park has a huge old woman’s shoe located inside it.

this park is very Famous with children who like to climb on the shoe!

Situated at Malabar Hill, Kamla Nehru Park is called after the wife of the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. 

The park is unfolded in a range of nearly 4,000 square feet and presents an exceptional sight of Chowpatty Beach and additionally Marine Drive.

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 Kamala Nehru Park has significant verdant inexperienced surroundings. It is one of the most commonly visited Tourist places In Mumbai by kids in Mumbai.

 The park has a numerous range of vegetation and is famous for a completely unique structure, referred to as the Old Woman’s Shoe or Boot House, that majorly attracts kids.

Adress: Babulnath, Dadi Sheth Wadi, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400006
opening Time: 5 Am To 9 PM 
No entry fee

40. wonders park Mumbai

wonders park Mumbai | # best places to visit in mumbai
wonders park Mumbai | # best places to visit in mumbai

wonders park Mumbai is one of the  best places to visit in Mumbai if you want to see 7 wonders of the world Also You kids will love this place 

Wonder Park is an amusement park it was built in Navi Mumbai. Being close to the residential areas, coupled with a minimal entry fee, it has emerged as a famous local attraction spread across a land of 30 acres. It offers diverse hi-tech rides coupled with miniature fashions of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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Wonders park has 7 wonders of the world 
Taj Mahal 
Cristo Redentor
Colosseum (Italy),
Machu Picchu (Peru)
Petra – Al Khajneh (Jordan)
Great Wall Of China 
Itza (Mexico)
all situated within a Few meters Of The Others 

Attractions at Wonders Park:
Seven Wonders of the World
Walking, Jogging and cycling tracks
Toy Train
Swings, slides, and whatnot
Food Mall

Address: Wonders park, Nerul East, Sector 19A, Navi Mumbai,400706
Opening Hours: 5.30 Am to 7.30 Pm
No entry fee

41. Vardhaman Fantasy Amusement Park

Vardhaman Fantasy Amusement Park | # best places to visit in mumbai
Vardhaman Fantasy Amusement Park | # best places to visit in mumbai

Vardhaman Fantasy Amusement Park is a fantastically new park built in Mumbai. The highlight of the park is the seven captivating zones that it is divided into – Texas Cowboy, Greek Village, Colo Theatrum, Viva Las Vegas, Wonders of the World, Lake Venetia and Spanish food. Besides, the first-rate placing and construction, the park also has a massive food court, enables boasting and has thrill rides for both adults and kids.

The concept of the enjoyment park is based on developing an international as close to delusion as viable and openings its doors to the general public who can not afford large entry fees. They purpose to developing and keeping a green environment. The park additionally has a few capabilities that take humans to exclusive places around the sector via their international issues and a few that provide entertainment, leisure, and schooling too. This is one of the few adventure parks inside the city that can be visited with the aid of the old and young alike.

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Address: Mira Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 401107
Opening Time:9 Am to 9 Pm
Entry fees for Vardaman are Rs 2 Per person And Rs 40 For Ride per person And Rs 200 per person for the package of 15 Rides 

42. Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden | # best places to visit in mumbai | # tourist place in mumbai
Hanging Garden | # best places to visit in mumbai | # tourist place in mumbai

Every relationship deserves a break from Boring daily routines. Take your important other to this amazing Hanging Garden and unwind and slacken yourself amidst the flower beds, fantastic water fountains, and lush green animal shaped hedges. Don’t omit out to take a funny image with your associate at the giant boot shape here, known as the “Old Women Shoes”. What else can be extra romantic than this?

Adress: Simla Nagar, Malabar Hill, Mumbai
opening Time:05:00 am to 09:00 pm; every day
No entry fee.

43. Shivaji Park, Mumbai

Shivaji Park, Mumbai | # best Places to Visit In Mumbai
Shivaji Park, Mumbai | # best Places to Visit In Mumbai

Shivaji Park Is a Good place to visit In Mumbai If you Love Cricket.

Renowned because of the cradle of Indian cricket, it’s miles home to eight prestigious cricket clubs which might be happy with producing some of the quality global Indian cricketers. Among the maximum celebrated cricketers who’ve trained here are Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, Ajit Wadekar, Vijay Manjrekar, and Ramakant Desai.

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Shivaji Park was created in 1925 by the Bombay Municipal Corporation during British rule out India. it’s of historical and cultural value as a result of the political and social gatherings it’s witnessed in both pre-independence and post-independence Mumbai. Here may be a brief history of the most important park within the Island City.

Read this If you Want to Know More ABout Shivaji Park 

Address: Gopi Tank Marg, Mahim West, Shivaji Park, Mumbai, 400016
Opening Time:5 Am To 7.30 Pm
No Entry Fees

Places to Visit In Mumbai for Fun And Enjoy

44. Snow World

Snow World | Best Places To Visit In Mumbai
Snow World | # Best Places To Visit In Mumbai

Snow World is on the most famous  places to visit in Mumbai For enjoy with friend and family 

Now, you may experience -10° C temperature in Mumbai with some frolicsome activities at Snow world, another awesome area to have serious a laugh with your friends.

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 Feel the natural snowfall, slide thru the ice in a rubber tube, play snowball wars along with your buddies, run down the ice slope screaming with joy, go ice skating and learn some skiing even as you are on this really ‘coool’ location. Enthralling right?

Besides this, Mumbai has a great range of leisure parks where you can have a fun-stuffed day together with your own family and friends. 

From Essel World and Yazoo Park to Hakone and Vardhman Fantasy, your alternatives are plenty while you’re here

Adress: Pheonix market Kamani junction Kurla West Mumbai
Opening Time:10Am To 10 pm Everyday
Entry fee: Rs .575 per person

Suggested to Read: 120 Funny Balkan Memes

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45.Adlabs Imagica

Adlabs Imagica | # Best Placces To Visit In Mumbai
Adlabs Imagica | # Best Placces To Visit In Mumbai

Adlabs Imagica Is One Of The Most Famous Places to visit in Mumbai For enjoying With Your Friends Family And Employees

Adlabs Imagica, opened in April 2013, is one of the most popular leisure subject matter parks that is often called a one-stop undertaking center. It is located on Mumbai-Pune Expressway near Khopoli and is certainly one of the present-day additions to getaways from Pune and Mumbai. The park is divided into three enjoyment zones specifically Theme Park, Snow Park and Water Park with a plethora of enjoyment alternatives that include live shows, roller coasters, water park, themed amusement shows, or even a refreshing water park.

Address:30/31, Khopoli-Pali Road, District Raigad, Sangadewadi, Maharashtra 410203
Opening Time:10.Am To 6 Pm
Entry Fee: Depend On Package Chosen For More Entry Fee Details Click Here

46. Essel world

Essel world | # best Places To Visit In Mumbai
Essel world | # best Places To Visit In Mumbai

Spread by the advertisement from the 90s, Essel World is a theme park situated in Gorai.

Essel world is one of the must-visit tourist places in Mumbai. 

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Housing a number of the maximum interesting rides and amusing activities in Mumbai, it attracts human beings from everywhere in the country. 

The special functions of the park, particularly the truth that it has rides for all ages and is open twelve months in 12 months is why it entertains 10,000 traffic on each day basis. 

It is apparent to state that the Essel World is one of the preferred best places to visit in Mumbai with friends 

This entertainment park in Mumbai is the largest entertainment park inside the Indian is located on sixty-four sections of land. 

Since the previous 26 years, Essel international has been in fee of setting a benchmark within the leisure park industry in India and these locations have grown to be Mumbai’s factor of hobby among youngsters.

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The Island of Fun is situated at the coastal Gorai metropolis in north-west Mumbai, a stunning placing infused with wholesome excite and stimulation. The 42 section of land complex brags of greater than 57 attractions supposed for diversion of all age bunches perfectly protecting the identity of India’s biggest occasion congregation. 

Address: Global Pagoda Road, Gorai, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091
Opening Time: 10 Am To 7.30 Pm 
Entry Fees:
they have different packages started from Rs 290  Click here To know Entry Fee Details 

47. Water Kingdom

Water Kingdom | # best places to visit in Mumbai
Water Kingdom | # best places to visit in Mumbai

Owned by way of the EsselWorld Leisure Pvt Ltd, the Water Kingdom is among the most important water parks within the continent.

 Spread across 22 acres, the entertainment park boasts of over 30 rides. 

With its multitude of water rides and swimming pools, the subject park is suitable for all age groups, along with toddlers, kids, and adults. Along with the neighboring EsselWorld amusement park, it is the most important of its kind in the country.

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With over 20 million traffic to date, the park is one of the most famous Tourist Places to visit in Mumbai to visit for daybreak. Located on the outskirts, Water Kingdom allows you to be disconnected from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy an afternoon with your circle of relatives and children.

Rides & Attraction At Water Kingdom Coaster, brat zone, Goofers Lagoon, Adventure Amazonia,wetlantic

Address: Global Pagoda Road, Essel world Amusement Park, Borivali West, Mumbai 400091
Opening Time 10.30 Am To 6.30 PM 
they have different packages started from Rs 660 click here to know more about the entry fee 

46. Shangrila Resort And Waterpark

Shangrila Resort And Waterpark | # places to visit in mumbai | # tourist place in mumbai
Shangrila Resort And Waterpark | # places to visit in mumbai

Shangrila Resort Is One Of The Most Famous Tourist Places to visit In Mumbai for Enjoy With Friends, family, And Corporate Team

this resort located in the Nashik District of Mumbai, you will feel in awe of the area and the making plans of the entire space.

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 Experience 15 acres of water-based total fun and frills like the Great Ever Flowing Waterfall – artificially invented including clean water. 

If that does not enough take a dip within the Jacuzzi or waddle round in brightly colored floating tubes. The water park additionally has smaller slides for youngsters or more careful folks.

variant selected. The park also homes a shopping shop and an Air-conditioned eating place for folks that want to add greater to their trip.

 Address: Mumbai Nashik Highway, Bhiwandi By Pass End, Gangaram Pada, Vadpe, Bhiwandi, Dist. Thane.
Opening Time:10Am to 6 PM
Entry fees:
they have different packages started from Rs 650 click here to know more about the entry fee 

48. Suraj water park

Suraj water park | # best Places to visit in mumbai | # tourist place in mumbai
Suraj water park | # best Places to visit in mumbai | # tourist place in mumbai

Suraj Water Park is about a lush green vicinity of 17 acres. The terrific wonderland surrounded by way of water has made a field inside the Limca Book of Records for its 103 toes lengthy cave made up of fiberglass. Located close to Mumbai, the Park is an effortlessly available destination. With a mixture of interesting water rides, the Park is a perfect leisure hub of Mumbai. Some of its important
features are:
Rainbow tower which has 16 in-built slides that allow a splashing downward slip

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Labak Zapak Matak in which one can revel in the water splash through frame slides

Sing sing and ding-dong slides in which one can preserve on swaying in a circular movement

Museum of locks in which a fantastic series of 1600 historic keys and locks are saved for public view

The fountain which is the entry point of the Park and famous 30 different styles of fountains

Crazy river wherein you are taking the zig-zag turns at the same time as coming down the slides Wave pool which thrills the human beings with its unending sea-like waves

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Rimzim hall that’s one of the pioneering family dance halls of India fully geared up with sound lights, rain device, and in-constructed showers

Address: Ghodbunder Rd, Dongripada, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400615
Opening Time:10.Am To 6 Pm.
Entry Fee: for Adult Rs 650 And KIds Rs 500

49. Yazoo Park

yazoo park | # best places to visit  in mumbai | # tourist place in mumbai
yazoo park | # best places to visit in mumbai | # tourist place in mumbai

The Yazoo Park is a refreshing trade from the ordinary rides offered via other leisure centers in Mumbai. 

There are a separate park and enclosure for very young youngsters – Mini Wonder for infants and Little Wonder for youngsters over three years of age.

 from Bumping Cars to Dragon Express, From the ever-popular Merry Go Round to the Ferris Wheel, and from Rodeo Bull to Net Cricket most of the rides are youngsters’ favorites. 

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There are water rides together with Water Roller, Bumping Oars, and Aqua Peddler, for the youngsters as well.

For the greater adventurous lot, there are activities such as Rappelling, Rifle Shooting, Rock Climbing, etc. In preserving with the times, computer animations and games have additionally been introduced at the Gaming Centre.

Adress: Yazoo Park, Global City, Virar (W) 401 303.
Opening Time:
park time:12am to 8.30pm
Ride Time: 12pm to 8pm
Waterzone timing: 10.00 am to5.pm
Entrance fees
they have different packages started from Rs 40  click here to know more about the entry fee 

50. Chota Kashmir 

Chota Kashmir  |  # best places to visit in mumbai | # tourist places in Mumbai
Chota Kashmir | # best places to visit in mumbai | # tourist places in Mumbai

If you’re in search of a peaceful nevertheless serene place to love some intimate moments together with your partner, Chota Kashmeer 

Is The on of Best Tourist Places to visit In Mumbai.

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.it’s a superbly improved garden and a placid lake that tranquilizes your body and mind. Recline peacefully on the greens of the garden or go water travel within the lake get lost in love in this place.

Either way, you’re bound to realize a brand new spark in your love life!

If You Want To Know More About Chota Kashmir Read This Article

Adress: Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon, Mumbai
Opening Time:10Am To 6 PM
No Entry Fees

frequently asked questions 

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Which Are the Best Places to visit In Mumbai if you have only 3 days ?

Haji Ali Dargah, Mahim Dargah, Bandra Band Stand, Marine Drive, Carter Road, Worli sea link, Gateway Of India, Colaba Causeway, Linking Road, Crowford Market For Shopping

what Are The Different Means Available In Mumbai for Travel?

Mumbai Has Different Types of Public Transportation Like Kaali Peeli taxis, Autos, Best Buses, Metro Rails, Local Trains

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The Best remembrance You Can Take Home From Mumbai

Spices, jewelry from Colaba Causeway, Gateway Of India And Haji Ali Dargah Photograph And Postcards Clothes, Arts,

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Is Mumbai safe For Visitors?

Mumbai Is the largest City Of India Also Mumbai Is the Populated City Of India, But Mumbai Is Equally Safe For Visitors. you can Roam Around in Mumbai In Late-night You can Easily catch a Cabs And Autorickshaw During Late Night. in fact, Mumbai’s crime rate is less compared to other metropolitan cities of India. I am Advising you, you shouldn’t trust Strangers while exploring the Mumbai

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Is Mumbai expensive?

Reports are saying that Mumbai is one of the most expensive cities in India. But, Mumbai offers many Pocket-friendly alternatives in terms of food, transportation, accommodation. Traveling from one place to another place is expensive but local trains and metro can save your time And Money.

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What are Famous Foods In Mumbai?

These foods are famous In Mumbai Vada pav, Bhelpuri, pav bhaji,sev puri, missal pav, batata vada,ragda,pattice, Bombay Sandwich,poha, Pani Puri,cabeli, Pani Puri, Steamed Idlis And Vadas, Falooda, Baida Roti

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Is Juhu beach is safe?

Juhu beach considered safe in night hours. But Still must be careful before setting out for an expedition in night time in Mumbai city

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what is special in Mumbai?

Mumbai is famous for High-end Malls And Street markets
Bandra Road is a shopping destination You Can Find here the best deals On Clothes And Shoes. weekend go there you will find the best deals on shoes and clothes Use your bargaining talent here.

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What are the places in Mumbai where Muslims go mostly?

places Where Muslims go mostly.
Haji Ali Dargah Shareef , Mahim Dargah Shareef, Shaikh Abdul Dongri Dargah Shareef, the dargah of baba bahauddin

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